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"Uncloudy is the memory of a trip, the photograph of a feeling that takes us back to those places we once visited, or maybe we just dreamt of, but that makes us find that little oasis where we could take refuge.

It is something exotic, but it is like being at home at the same time."


Patricia Álvarez developed her professional career in the world of the record industry and fashion, she graduated in Artistic Jewelry design at the Arte3 School in Madrid receiving the Extraordinary Prize of Plastic Arts and Design from the Community of Madrid 2018. Travel, music and fashion have contributed in her telling us her story through strong, poetic and very personal pieces.


With the series "Road Trip" we start that journey through the American desert attending to its contrasts, textures and sinuosity ... an exciting tribute to that apparent stillness full of life and movement at the same time.

Follow the Uncloudy story at @uncloudy_patriciaalvarez

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