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Along with each bracelet, the dimensions and options that exist for each model are specified.

For open bracelets, the indicated length is from one end to another of the bracelet.

We hope that the information is useful. If you have any questions or queries you can

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If you do not know your size and you do not have access to have it professionally measured, you can measure it yourself and in the following 

table you can find the equivalent of your size in millimeters according to the contour of your finger.

In this table you can also find the ring size according to the diameter. To do this you must measure the inside diameter of a ring that fits you,

making sure to measure well from the center of the circumference.

Note that, depending on the designs, the rings may fit slightly differently depending on the design of the ring, especially due to the thickness.

The size and thickness of the fingers varies throughout the day, depending mainly on the temperature and time of day.

Therefore, we recommend that you measure the finger more than once, to be sure.

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