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Your jewellery is delicate and if you want to enjoy it forever and preserve it beautifully you should treat it with care.  


Some pieces are more delicate than others, but remember that snags, forced push-ups to adjust them and blows can damage them. Silver is a soft material and can deform easily. Let a professional adjust your piece to your needs.  


Always put on your perfumes, creams or cosmetic products before putting on your jewel, these products can damage your piece and its luster. Store them in your box or if you use a jewellery box, make sure they are in separate compartments or in a cloth bag. It is a good idea to clean the jewel with a soft cloth before storing it.


The ph of the skin or the environment itself can make your silver jewel darker. If this happens you can clean it with a non-abrasive silver cleaner or with warm water and neutral pH soap, drying it with a soft cloth as long as it does not have natural stones. These pieces require special care to preserve their brightness and color.


If your piece is plated or has natural stones better not to take a shower wearing it, the sea and pool water  will also wear out the plated and your stone can lose its shine and color. Avoid sudden changes in temperature, excessive humidity and direct sources of heat such as spotlights or radiators.  


The natural turquoise I use in these pieces is a stone that has not been stabilized or synthetically treated, so it is a relatively porous stone. It will absorb oils, lotions and soaps so it is necessary to remove the jewel before washing hands or taking a shower to preserve the color of the stone. Clean it with a soft dry cloth before storing it too. It is possible that the stone turns to a greener shade over time, this is something that happens with these types of stones and it is even attractive. With your care the stone will change with you.  


Each of these pieces are hand- fabricated and hand-crafted, that is why you cannot find two identical pieces, and I hope that your jewel strings along with you forever. Your jewel will evolve with you and every little scratch or polish makes it your own.

If you have any questions about the care of your jewelry you can contact here

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