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 Invited NYC, Foto Jena Bascom


"ROAD TRIP" is a sculptural rings series with which we begin a journey through the American desert attending to its contrasts, textures and sinuosity ... an apparent stillness full of life and movement at the same time. Antelope Canyon, the "dead trees" at Joshua Tree, a Monument Valley sunrise or the sliding rocks of Racetrack Playa in Death Valley are some of the stops.


Anillo Viva Las Vegas, Uncloudy, Patricia Alvarez.jpg

The city of lights, the city in the middle of the desert, the city that never sleeps. Paradise or Sin City. Colourful, sparkling, bright...

Love it  or hate it.

Viva Las Vegas!

Anillo Sedona , Uncloudy, Patricia Alvarez

Cathedral Rocks, Sedona, Arizona. The sandstone formations appear to glow in brilliant orange when illuminated by the rising sun.

Magic happens every day ...

The feather texture on the metal pays tribute to respect for nature and to that romantic meaning that Native Americans gave to giving feathers.

AnilloThuderbird Feather , Uncloudy, Patricia Alvarez
Anillo Racetrack Playa, Uncloudy, Patricia Alvarez
Anillo Racetrack Playa , Uncloudy, Patricia Alvarez
Anillo Joshua Tree, Uncloudy, Patricia Alvarez

The sobriety of the desert, the feeling of infinity and that certain vertigo that open space sometimes produces, the contrast of the verticality and arrangement of the horizontal, infinite lines in the landscape. The remains of the "dead trees" have something poetic that catches all the eyes.

Dozens of rocks, some weighing hundreds of pounds, lie at the end of grooved tracks incised into the clay of what was once an ancient lake bed at Racetrack Playa in Death Valley.


The water was responsible for sculpting the sinuous curves in the "Navajo sandstone" of this canyon in Page, Arizona, creating a hypnotic contrast of hues in the rock. The lights and shadows of the textures give rise to fantastic shapes with the pieces of turquoise blue sky that appear in the central hours of the day, when the rays of the sun enter verically into the canyon.

Anillo Antelope Canyon, Uncloudy, Patricia Alvarez
Anillo Monument Valley, Uncloudy, Patricia Alvarez

Remember the sunrise, when the first rays of the sun paints horizon with fire and the line that separates the earth from the sky begins to illuminate with different shades, but below everything remains dark. This is the moment when total darkness disappears and reveals the sculptural rock formations, the mythical Mittens and Merrick Butte in the valley.



Somebody asked me how I thought the future would be and what kind of jewelry we would wear ... Imagine how in the "desert of the future" we could miss things that we have in our daily lives today, but that would change the meaning of what is "precious" if we could not have them tomorrow...

Hollow ring with patina and vinyl disc set.



"Without music life would be a mistake"

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